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Jun 28, 2010


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What a trip to Mozambique! What was meant to be a 4 hr drive from Kruger turned into a 13 hr drive.  We had to stop at Pongola after 10 hrs, as we were not going to make the border in time. It was a great case of miscalculation, it turned out to be a great night in Pongola where we stayed at a bed and breakfast. I think this was one of the best nights that we had as we made it in time to watch the England V Germany game and it got better when Germany won (Sorry Tim). After another early morning start we made it to Kosi Bay border after about 3 hrs of driving. The drive in from Kosi bay Border to Ponta do Ouro was about 7kms and it took about 45 mins (the roads were not that good) 4WD only.
The beach was excellent and the water was a little cold to start with, but was refreshing. The locals were nice and one guy tried to rip us off as we wanted to use the Brie (BBQ) that was a communal one, he told us that it was his and we had to pay to use it! We told him he had to come and light the BBQ and then we would pay him - he never turned up. Did not really do much else just relaxed.

Germany V
Germany V England
Lyndel would not stay in this
The Golf room was our room. He was a mad keen memorabilia
Lyndel would not stay in this room!The Golf room was our room. He was a mad keen memorabilia collector
Host and Emeila
Host and Emeila's dad
Pongola Dam
Pongola Dam wall
Kosi bay
Kosi bay border

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