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May 20, 2008

The Bosch!

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Hey guys! This is my first entry and although I haven't travelled much I've been 2 a few places in and around sunny SA. I didn't go 2 all these places on the same trip, I just thought I would catch up a bit. Well I'm sure almost everyone has heard of Table mountain in Cape Town and many people have recommended going there and I'm gonna do the same. However I just want to warn you about the recent crime problems that have been kepping everyone one their toes! If you do decide to explore this wonder of the world make sure you go in a group, with little money and not after dark!

Anyway moving on... Stellenbosch, in my opinion, should be another wonder of the world! The wine farms there are amazing and cheap tasting charges! Well, with our echange rate everything in South Africa is cheap!

OK... I think I'm gonna stop before I bore you.

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