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Jan 10, 2011


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5:30am start saw Brendan still having gastro dramas, we loaded up on whatever medications we had in hope that he would make it though the long bus ride, but he was visiting the bathroom right up until the very last minute.

We had a private bus for our group of 9, plus tour guide, tho ended up picking up a few other randoms along the way to share the journey. The drive had all of us on edge, as the nepalese style of driving is extremely far from that in Australia, alot of close calls, we were freaking out but our driver was at ease. We had really sore bums by the end of 6 hours and were happy to reach our destination.

Going though the jungle was incredible we started to see more of mud hut style living.

Once arriving we had tea and settled into our rooms, then lunch at the outdoor bar. Had an hour or so free time before heading off on a bike ride to the local elephant breeding centre, where they had the first pair of twin boys ever born in captivity. The elephants were so incredible to see up close, there were plenty of babies and they made quite a racket! It was awesome!!
We rode our bikes back to town had a chance to browse the shops then dinner as a group at a rooftop restaurant. Great food, however yet another rough night for Brendan...

The place we stopped at for
Inside our beautiful
Outside our little
The place we stopped at for lunch.Inside our beautiful accomodation.Outside our little cottage.
View from our
A rather difficult photo taken during the bie ride to the Elephant breeding
View from our room.A rather difficult photo taken during the bie ride to the Elephant breeding centre.
A mother and her twin baby
Us with one of the babies!
A mother and
A mother and her twin baby boys!Us with one of the babies! :)A mother and baby.
Beautiful town
Beautiful town center.

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