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Jan 06, 2011


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Home time!! It was a tough morning getting out of our first warm cozy bed in awhile! Lauren had to be pushed out   

We had an early breakfast expecting to be on the runway by 8am. However our tour guide had broken the bad news that there was fog over Kathmandu, and our flight was delayed with no idea when we might be leaving. This was bad new for our American travel buddies as they had a international flight to catch to Delhi.

We continued our hearts tournament to take their mind off the situation.

A few hours later we headed to the airport but ended up waiting hours... Seems no one is in a rush in Lukla.

Finally after a couple of cargo planes came in it was our turn. We all boarded the plane but were not looking forward to take off after finding out Lukla airport is the most high risk airport in the world, due to the short runway and being on the side of a cliff!! EKKKK


After the scary take off we were treated again by some amazing views and a safe landing in Kathmandu phew!!

Another scary taxi ride through the city back to our temporary home, the Kathmandu guesthouse. It was a quick goodbye to Christa and Alan as they rushed to make their flight, and we were in a hurry to hit the showers after 5 days of going without.

An easy afternoon, and early night.

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Lauren refusing to get out of bed on our final morning in
Hotel dining room
Lukla airport
Lauren refusing to get out of bed on our final morning in Lukla.Hotel dining room Lukla.Lukla airport runway.
View of inside our tiny
Take-off!!View of inside our tiny plane.
Brendan not feeling s well on our flight back to
View of the
Flying into
Brendan not feeling s well on our flight back to Kathmandu.View of the Himalayas.Flying into Kathmandu.
Kid hitching a free ride on a
Our room at the Kathmandu
View from our room at the Kathmandu
Kid hitching a free ride on a bus...Our room at the Kathmandu Guesthouse.View from our room at the Kathmandu Guesthouse.

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