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Jul 10, 2011

A Sunny Sunday In London

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A sunny Sunday in London town – July 10
Sunshine, gentle breeze, about 22 deg, and a day out in London. Perfect start to our adventures.
We headed off through Hyde Park, with Aliza snapping away madly.  She is a great photographer with a keen eye for detail, and I love seeing the world through her eyes as happens when she is behind a camera.
Our destination was Leister Square to try to get some theatre tickets from a matinee, and we were lucky enough to get tickets for the Wizard of Oz.  Aliza was particularly keen to see this as she is in a performance of it with her drama group later this year.
We then made our way towards the London Eye via Trafalgar Square, which was a bit like swimming against the tide as there had been a massive 10km fun run today which finished, guess where, yes that’s right, at Trafalgar Square.
Having struggled to get to the Eye, they made an announcement that they were experiencing some technical difficulties with it, and it was going to be closed until further notice.
So there was nothing for it but go straight to Hamleys toy store.  What a great place it is!  The demonstrations of some of their more unusual merchandise are so entertaining, and it totally does the trick – we came out with full bags and empty wallets, but big smiles on our faces.
After a quick lunch in Carnaby St, off the Paladium theatre for the performance of Wizard of Oz.  It was fantastic.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much, but I guess stories like that endure for so long for a reason – they speak to something fairly universal in us.  The staging was amazing.  Aliza loved it, and I loved her spontaneous yahooing during the applause at the end of the show.
By the time we got back to the hotel, we were both exhausted.  They had moved us into a bigger room, which is much more comfortable, and neither of us felt much like going out for dinner, so I just got us some fruit and we blobbed out in the room.  Aliza used some of the gear she got from Hamleys, and I got to read my book for a while – what a treat.
Now it’s off to be for me.  Aliza is already in dreamland.  See you all soon.

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