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Jul 12, 2011

Aliza's London Blog #2

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Alizaís London Blog #2 Ė Tuesday July 12
Today was our last day in London.  Dad had all these big ideas of what we could do.  All I wanted to do was go back to Hamleys with Elise.  But first we had to get our bags all packed.  Dad was stressing about like a chook without his head on, but of course, everything fitted in just fine even though I had bought a few things at Hamleys the other day.  There was the glitter tattoo set and the sticker making set and the magic thumbs Ė well, dad got the thumbs for himself.  Today I was determined to get some for myself.
We met Elise and Louise at Lancaster Gate station and caught the tube to Oxford Circus station.  Dad was going on to Elise about her needing to do some tricks if she wanted to get off at a circus tube station.  Elise just rolled her eyes like I do.  Her dad must carry on with bad dad jokes as well, cos she seemed pretty used to that sort of stuff.
Hamleys wasnít even open when we got there, so we had to walk around for a while first, but we were one of the first ones to get in once it did open at 10.00am.  It was great being there early  because it wasnít so crowded, and we could get all the demonstration stuff done on us.
We ended up spending the whole morning there.  Another win for me!  I also bought some more craft stuff and got the magic thumbs for myself.  I will need to pay dad back when we get home, but it is a great way to spend some of my birthday money.
We had lunch with Elise and Louise at a pub near Hamleys, and then said good bye to them.  We had to get back to the hotel to pick up our bags and get to the airport for our flight to Edinburgh.
Our hotel was about 15 minute walk to Paddington station where we got the train to Heathrow.  Our plane left from terminal 5 which was lucky because it is a pretty flash terminal with lots of great shops.  I spent ages at playing on an iPad while dad tried to decide if he would buy a Kindle.  He didnít get one in the end, but I didnít mind him talking to the salesman for ages, because I was playing Slice it! on the iPad.
The flight to Edinburgh was only an hour, which is much better than Brisbane to London!  We caught the bus from the airport to our hotel.  Edinburgh looks very different to London.  No tall buildings, and not a flash looking.  The castle looks amazing.  We are staying in the new town, which looks pretty old to me.  The old town must be really old!
Our room wasnít ready when we arrived at the hotel, so we had to sit and wait for a few minutes.  They brought me a freshly squeezed orange juice and gave dad a glass of champagne.  We both thought this was pretty good.  The George Hotel looked pretty flash, but when we went up to our room, the floor boards all creaked as we walked along.  At first I thought it was dad farting!
Once we got settled in our room, we went in search of somewhere for dinner.  I didnít want to walk very far, and luckily there were a few places just around the corner.  Dad wanted French or Tapas, but I said it was too tired and canít we just have Italian, which is what we did.  Dad was happy because he had a giant bowl of mussels.  He kept going on about how good they were, and that he could taste the ocean in them.  My lasagne was really nice, and the place was nice too and the waiters were friendly.  So I was right again.  Dad should just learn to listen to me.  It would make things so much easier if he just did what I said all the time.  When will he learn?

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