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Dec 02, 2009


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OH AM I EXHUSTED! two Numan concerts in two nights and of course front row in both! Even got Gary to sign a photo for me, and he dedicated two songs to me and two other Aussies last night how cool Some may know that Engineers is my Fav. Numan song and hearing it live was amazing (as of course was Gary!) Go out NOW everyone and buy the 30th Anniversary release of The Pleasure Principle !!   Being a Numan fan for 30 years I can recommend it !!                               It was minus 5 degrees the other night and the wind chill was.....
so the lake district is my fav. spot so far, on the Sat. of the snow I spent the day on the lake and quite honestly my eyes were filled with tears for most of the day. The beauty is like nothing I have seen before. I so could live there.
The train system is excellent here which is how I have got to most of the places. In Wolverhampton I have meet the loveliest Numan fans who have shouted me meals and one who is a hairdresser bought, yes bought me a new hair style! (I wear a wig) So its Bakewell today and Chatsworth house tomorrow, though before that I'm going to Gary's sound check in Nottingham! See you all soon!!

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