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Mar 07, 2009

Cambridge Chaos

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OK, after a long hiatus, I have finally gotten around to updating you on where I have been, what I have done and what I have seen.

At the beginning of March my friends and I went to Cambridge for the day. I had gone with mum and dad in 2005 and hated it, but this time I LOVED IT!
We got ridiculously cheap bus tickets so got up early to trek there. When the bus dropped us off, it was right opposite the fire brigade who, as it so fortunatelty turned out, were having a CAR WASH! It did not take long for the jokes to come pouring out....
"He sure knows how to handle that hose!"
"Is that size proportional?"
"Oh what I wouldn't give to be that car!"
After much speculating, we finally decided that though it would be morally right to wash someone's car for them, it would be legally wrong to steal it to do so. So, sadly, we took a quick rush of photos and headed into the centre of town.

It was a good thing that all of us on this trip were UNE girls, because we were able to laugh and commiserate together - the colleges of Cambridge are SOOOOOOOO amazing, spectular and any other word meaning "BLOODY AWESOME" that they put UNE to shame!!! Their 400 year old buildings make our 40 year old ones seem so pathetic! I used to love the courtyard of Drummond but it has NOTHING on the colleges here. Actually, the whole of Australia does not know what 'historical' means!

They had a great market stall near one of the colleges where we were able to buy up big with Cambridge University souveniers. Miki and I both got jumpers and I got little Oakley Gurr a very cute romper suit with 'Cambridge University' emblazoned on the front - no pressure kiddo!

In the afternoon two of the girls decided to go punting on the river. The guys who punted had the BIGGEST guns!! So, of course, the jokes came out here too. Can you rhyme PUNT?.....then you probably can guess the jokes!  One guy had guns so big you could see them through his jumper! And for the slightly mature readers, guns mean a guy's biceps. He was not packing a weapon. Well he was, but not a literal one. Ok, dirty mind being put away now.

While the girls went  for their boat ride the rest of us went for a walk through the town. As we strolled we heard the roar of a crowd and the blowing of a whistle which can only mean one thng - RUGBY! So we practically ran following the noise until we came across a field of Cambridge boys playing rugby - truly as God intended the world to be.

After tasting some of their cuisine in a local hostilry we sadly made the pilgrimage back to the bus. Luckily though, the carwash was still in full force, so our parting look of Cambridge was of buff guys spraying their hoses......sorry, NOW the dirty mind is being put away.

Kimmy, Miki and
All UNE girls in
Even their DOORS were better than
Kimmy, Miki and I All UNE girls in CambridgeEven their DOORS were better than UNE's!
A little more tasteful than Drummond and
Said firemen!A little more tasteful than Drummond and Smith
On the trail to find male in Cambridge....wrong one
On the trail to find male in Cambridge....wrong one Miki!

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