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Oct 15, 2005

The Chav Party

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As soon as Tash announced that she was having a Chav dress up party our minds were filling with idea's for our costumes. Me and Moni went shopping for the costumes and we couldn't go past the pink tracksuites!! We were that excited to get all dressed up for the party that we started getting ready at lunch time. We knew we had picked the best outfit when we were on the way to the party and saw a real chav wearing practicaly the same pink tracksuite, we realised she was a real chav when Zoe asked her if she was going to the party and then she started chasing after us, uh oh.

For everyone back in Oz who doesn't know what a 'Chav' is, they are like what we would call a bevan or a bogan.

Roni stitching up the hem on her chav
Mine and Moni
Mon & Lish eating their chav
Roni stitching up the hem on her chav pantsMine and Moni's roomMon & Lish eating their chav lunch
The chav
Doing the finishing
The chav's getting readyDoing the finishing touches
The Chav &
Mark, B, Jess, Moni, Me, Ian, Zoe, Alisha, Damo as the
The Chav & Chavette'sMark, B, Jess, Moni, Me, Ian, Zoe, Alisha, Damo as the Chav'sZoe
All the chav
Jess, Polly and
B, Moni, Zoe and
All the chav's catching the bus to the party Jess, Polly and MeB, Moni, Zoe and Gereldine
Me and
Me, Tarq, Damo &
Me and ZoeMe, Tarq, Damo & ??
Ronnie and Me in the
Lish and
Me and
Ronnie and Me in the kitchenLish and JakeMe and Kuthy
Some of the Chav
Lynda's flatmate and LishSome of the Chav's in the kitchen

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