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Jan 12, 2008


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well we landed in L.A after our flight from hawaii where we nearly never made it due to the flight being way over booked!
we were offered $400 dollers each to give up our seats but hey its not as if we need the money!!!! haha!!!

after spending a night in luxury at anna's aunt and uncles it was off on our first road trip!
we drove up highway one to pismo beach where the weather was freezing so we headed back down the coast to santa barbara! we still couldn't afford the prices so it was a case of seaching out all the bargains for tea and still no drinking!!!

it was back down the coast to L.A to welcome the Dodds who flew down from vancouver for the wkend!
and they treated us to a luxury wkend in palm springs. we stayed in a 50's style retro hotel where all the rooms were themed and we had the leopard lounge!!!! ..... were sure we met members of the mafia who were staying there from new jeresy! the soprano's sprung to mind big time!!!!

it was back to L.A again and goodbye to the Dodds who were off home after there flying visit!( see you in fiji!)
we managed to fit in the magic mountain roller coaster park and universal studios( were still big kids really!)

now thats us all set for our flight tommorrow to south america for  the next part of our adventure!

pismo beach
pismo beachpismo beach piersurfing USA
santa barbara
sanata barbara
santa barbara harboursanata barbara beach
the pier
the pier againharbour againlast time
bad hair
santa monica "baywatch"
bad hair daysanta monica "baywatch" beachvenice beach
muscle beachthe girlsthe family
view from our
anna riding her bike downtown palm
palm springsview from our poolanna riding her bike downtown palm springs
anne riding her bike downtown palm
the hells
anne riding her bike downtown palm springsthe hells angelshello

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