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Jun 01, 2007

Kennedy & Cowboys

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June 1st - 4th  

Putting the lush green plantations behind us we headed north west through Louisiana and Texas towards Dallas, you know, South Fork country .  The aim was to catch up with Alexis and Joe who we met in Milwaukee, Michigan on Seth's birthday.  Arriving in Denton on Friday afternoon a little early, we decided to kill some time at a local bar giving A&J a chance to get home.  This turned out to be a good decision and a very entertaining couple of hours.  

When the barmaid wasn't able to deliver the drinks of request we got our first round free!  A little chat about where we were from and what we were doing in their "little town" ensued.  We borrowed some pub darts and started playing.  Next thing one of the locals comes over for a chat as the barmaid has told her about us.  Turns out she had been to Australia so conversation was a must.   Drinks started flowing and we were introduced to some of her friends, a very colourful bunch.  More drinks.  More tall stories - some quite colourful from an ex-serviceman's time in Thailand.  More drinks.  We were invited back the following day to meet more of the locals and join in the 1 year birthday for the establishment.  Eventually we had to get out of the pub or we would have had to ring A&J to drag our drunken bums out of there.  

After settling in we headed out to Mexican for dinner, and to top up on some drinks, this was turning into a very liquid evening.  The next day Alexis, the hard working vet had to do a shift so we relaxed and went out to lunch when she got home.  Some amusement for the day was just staring out the window at the multitude of birds that visit their house.  This was interjected with obligatory toy tossing for the dogs until your arm fell off.  A&J love animals and hence feed the local birds, plus have cats & dogs of their own.  It was nice to do something 'normal' after so long on the road.

That night, we went into Fort Worth to Billy Bob's Texan Rodeo where we got our cowboy fill.  A little bull rodeo, a Texas BBQ and an authentic Country and Western singer with a crowded dance floor full of 2 steppin Texans.  Alexis and Joe did the 2 foot shuffle and then decided that us Aussies needed some dancing lessons and took us around the floor.

On Sunday, with both A&J with commitments, we drove into Dallas and looked at the JFK Memorial and assassination site and learnt a bit more about the supposed cover up.  I got Tracey to stand in the middle of the road for a photo op, where there is an 'X' by the way, much to the amusement of some other passers by.  A new apartment complex had an opening soiree so we took a look and managed a free beer - the crawfish were still cooking and too slow for our car parking window, dang, missed out on a free feed!  A small park in the city had over 30 bronze bulls in muster formation - another good photo op!

We had a great roast lamb for dinner, every home cooked meal is a welcome occasion.  Monday A&J returned to work and we headed off to Austin but not before the obligatory hour of toy throwing for Gypsy and Wink.

Guys, you're welcome to hang at our place downunder any time - thanks again for your hospitality!!!

Blue Jay - pretty, but also part of the food chain for local
We have been seeing these blackbirds all over the USA on the sides of the
Blue Jay - pretty, but also part of the food chain for local raptorsWe have been seeing these blackbirds all over the USA on the sides of the roadDon't panic, plenty 4 everyone
Enjoying the local
Enjoying the local brew.....
.......with Alexis &
Yup - that blur is a cowboy - about to make a face plant into the
.......with Alexis & JoeYup - that blur is a cowboy - about to make a face plant into the ground
Alexis and Joe know what to
....whereas we do
Beer, BBQ, Cowboys, but no guns
Alexis and Joe know what to do........whereas we do not!Beer, BBQ, Cowboys, but no guns allowed
Truck breeding Texas
Lee Harvey Oswald
Truck breeding Texas styleThe JFK MemorialLee Harvey Oswald's alleged hiding spot
JFK's assassination spotRide 'em cow girl
Gypsy & Wink provided hours of
Gypsy & Wink provided hours of entertainment.

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