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Sep 26, 2016

Renovating Bathrooms At Home

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Planning to renovate your bathroom? Here are some of the suggested things you can do to give it a new look and ensure safety to everyone who uses it:

1.     Do a walk-in bathtub installation

If you are living with seniors at home, it is best to keep them safe by using a tub that is meant and designed for their safety. These are the kinds of tubs that have doors on them so you don't have to lift your fit to get into the tub but you simply need the door to safely go in. This is commonly used in Arizona. If interested, you can read this review of walk in bathubs in Arizona. And at this link, you will find useful and additional information about walk-in bathtubs.

2.     Opt for decorative tile pattern

If you're tired of the regular, plain-colored tiles in your bathroom, try to create a different vibe by putting up a beautifully designed ceramic tile murals on one area of your bathroom surface. Try to create a focal point - something that can really get people's attention. You can choose from a wide selection of designs for your mural such as landscapes, abstracts, and many more. Some of them come in the form of small tiles which when mounted, form a very detailed design. The other alternative is the use of one large tile with a design on it. Use this tile to serve as a centerpiece on the wall. To adorn this further, you can surround the decorative tile with simple tiles to create the illusion of a frame for it.

3.     Think about the functionality

Now that you have set the budget and determined the space available for your bathroom, it's time to consider the functionality issues of the room. First, you need to know the essential functions and basic elements of your shower area: bathing, washing, and toileting. Before thinking of any other additional features, fulfill these obvious requirements first. Design a specific space for each of these functions. For your bathing purposes, figure out if you really require a separate bathtub and shower or just a bathtub or just a shower. Moreover, determine if the toilet needs a room of its own or whether it can be part of the open bathroom.

4.     Use only compatible materials

Choose fixtures and other decorative items that match your bathroom design plans. Forget not to consider your preferences as well as your function essentials. Hire an interior designer that understands your tastes and needs. If you're crazy about certain fixture that you can't afford, ask yourself why you love it. Once you have listed the qualities that attracted you, ask you designer to find a similar item in your price range.

The world is getting the hang of these environment-friendly bathroom design concepts. Consumers are starting to warm up with the idea not only because they can save water, but they are also given rebates and incentives to buy and install such. Most of all, modern bathrooms are now designed to fit the elders needs who are living at home. Hence, you can expect bathroom essentials to be built with utmost safety to accommodate the needs of the seniors.

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