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Dec 26, 2016

A Sturdy 18-Inch Dollhouse

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It is a known fact that girls, teens, and women love dolls. Such is evident by the growing market or industry of doll. Some of the most popular brands are Barbie, Journey Girl, Our Destination, and American Girl. They have captured the heart of the female gender because of the quality of the products, as well as their sizes. However, they are not just meant to be displayed and placed on the shelves. They are also manufactured so that children can play with it. Thus, partnering it with a dollhouse is advisable.

The problem with dollhouses in the past is that they are too small to be used for the kind of dolls mentioned above. Thus, many parents have to buy miniature dolls so that their kids can enjoy playing their dollhouses. In order to catch up with the growing market of dolls, dollhouse manufacturers started producing products for dolls as tall as 18 inches. They have created traditionally designed 18-inch dollhouses like the Bedroom and Kitchen Interchangeable 18 inch Dollhouse Playscape and Fits American Girl Doll House. Many have also developed dollhouses that have partitions or compartments like the ones sold by KidKraft. People who want to know more about these items are advised to read detailed information about them.

Since kids are naturally clumsy and careless, some parents who are very practical often look for items that will last for a very long time and not at the price. They consider buying dollhouses, no matter what the price is, as long they are assured that the dollhouse will not be destroyed easily. For them, the My Girl's Dollhouse for 18 inch dolls is recommended. It is a dollhouse that has proven its sturdiness as stated by some reviews. Similarly, the dollhouse's frame is made from 100% pine wood, thus, it cannot easily break, wear, and tear. It is a three-story dollhouse that has a country French-style that will surely catch the attention of many individuals. The exterior part of the item is also designed well and colored invitingly. Since it is sturdy and the design is too chic and catchy, they can even be bought as a display for anyone's home, as well as when the kids already have outgrown it. The product will be discussed in details below so that interested buyers can learn more.

According to and other reputable sites, the three-story dollhouse can accommodate 10 dolls, as well as furniture and clothing all at the same time. Such is due to the fact that is has a width of five feet. Children can also move freely without having to kneel all the time because the item is six-feet tall. Kids will also surely enjoy this product because it has five rooms and the attic has removable rods so that they can hang their doll's clothes. However, since the item is made with wood, the manufacturer recommends it for kids from age eight to fifteen. Younger kids, however, can play with it but with supervision in order to prevent untoward injuries. Another thing is that parents should separately purchase furniture and other accessories. Nevertheless, if sturdiness is what they want, then, this is the right pick.

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