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Nov 28, 2016

Outside Vs. Inside Waistband Holster

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As a newbie gun owner, you are faced with a decision if you carry your gun outside or inside your waistband. This is a normal question that has to be answered according to your own preferences. There are a lot of things and methods that must be considered in deciding what is comfortable.

It is usually the outside the waistband type that is the most comfortable option for everyday use if you are just walking around. It provides a much faster draw time than the inside the waistband method in carrying concealed firearms. With the inside waistband, the pistol is right up against the skin while the outside waistband is not. This permits for a more convenient grip on your pistol before pulling it from the holster.

It is for this reason that you can get your pistol easier and faster with the outside waistband. It enables you to the user to be more accurate. There is no need for readjusting the position of your hand and fumbling around on the grip after the handgun is actually drawn. Every split second counts in a death or life situations.

Another advantage to the outside waistband is that the reholstering of the handgun when you are done is very easy. During the time that you have actually fired your weapon in an emergency situation where your adrenalin is up and the brain is racing, putting the handgun back to its holster without accidental discharge is essential. Nobody wants to shoot themselves trying to get their gun back on the holster for sure. This is also a reason why the most comfortable holster for you must be selected well to avoid an untoward incident such as this.

You can try both and decide for yourself when considering most of these things. It is recommended to buy the outside waistband until you become more acquainted with your gun and graduate from being a newbie. You should also practice your holstering, drawing and re-holstering your gun until you are comfortable in handling your weapon. Practice with an unloaded gun first until you get the proper feel of the range of your draw and fire lane. The situation is never the same under the actual situation.

Women should avoid carrying their guns in their purses unless the purse is specifically designed to carry it. The first thing predators usually go after when a woman is attacked is her purse. Once your purse is pulled away from you, so with your handgun, therefore, you are rendered defenseless immediately. The best thing to do is to have your weapon on your person. Weapon concealment for women is even more difficult than men because their clothing styles but their safety is the utmost importance. It is better to be safe than sorry.

A disadvantage of an outside waistband is that it does not offer much concealment as the inside waistband. There are holsters on the market that are designed to be low profile. This makes is easier to conceal outside the waistband. You must check for the open belt slot on one end and the slide fob on the center of the gun holster. The tight and secure fit of the belt will allow better concealment for the gun owner.

Buy the most comfortable holster now.

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