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Oct 31, 2016

Music Production As A Job

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Music production is a profession that is a good means of making money because the person can be an employee and a studio owner. It is not just simply a job because being involved in it is also fun. Such is because music can sometimes heal emotional problems as well as relax a person's mind. People working in the music production industry are known as music producers. Their main responsibility is to create beautiful sounds for music artists. They can achieve such through proper music mastering and mixing. These music producers are capable of doing so because they learned the basics of audio engineering and sound system equipment manipulation.

The good thing about the job is that they have a lot of opportunities nowadays because of the growing music business. Time and time again, aspiring music artists are blossoming and trying to penetrate the music world. Music producers are highly recognized in the industry because they have a big contribution making songs a good hit for audiences. They play with the music in order to make sure that the sound produced are suited for the audience and type of song. For independent and established music producers, they may opt to ask for a commission from the sales of the recorded music. That is a big plus especially if the piece becomes a big hit.

Another good thing is that music producers are not only confined in engineering music for musicians. They also have other positions depending on the course that they will take and if they will further their education. The fastest program that an aspiring music producer can enroll in is the Associate of Science in Audio Production or ASAP. The student only spends nine months to two years to finish the study. Such depends on the specific curriculum that the student chooses. Upon finishing this course, they can also become concert promoters and assistant sound technicians. Another is the Bachelor of Science in Music Production or BSMP course. It is a four-year program that includes basic and advanced audio engineering, marketing, and promotional subjects. Students enrolled also have the opportunity to know the industry beforehand because they have training in music studios. Graduates can also turn out as an artist manager, music editor, audio post-production assistant, and music research assistant. Both requires a high school diploma and acceptable SAT or ACT scores.

The last one is a four-year course that requires the student to submit a portfolio or audition piece, the Bachelor of Science in Music Production and Recording Arts or BSMPRA. It also includes subjects on songwriting, music theory, music composition, and performance. People who finish this course can become recording engineers, composers, session musicians, DJs, and studio managers. People who are interested in enrolling in these courses can check out these music production schools on the Music Education Madness. It has a list of the different traditional and online music schools around the US. Those who can already work in the music industry can also find careers on this site.

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