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Feb 05, 2011

Red Deer

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Well we have been back for 2 weeks from our holiday and we are both back at work. Lyndel is now working for the Third Academy which is a special needs school. Last weekend we went out to Canyon to go snowboarding, Lyndel got a lesson and has improved already. We both went out on Saturday and then i went out on Sunday by myself. I was looking forward to getting back on to the board after hurting my shoulder just before Christmas. The snow was probably the best that we have seen at Canyon in some places there was 20 to 30cm of powder.

This weekend Lyndel had to work Saturday so we did not do that much, Saturday night we went to Jerry and Kathryn's for desert and we showed them our photo's and had little becherovka which is a spirt from the Czech Republic. We also had Clamado juice and beer which is Clams and Tomatoes juiced and then mixed with beer. Lyndel did not like it too much but I thought that it was ok. Today we went and brought another pair of ice skates and went ice skating at Bower Ponds, again Lyndel is really getting used of all this Canadian sports that we have never done before and is getting really good at them.

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