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Oct 07, 2007


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  I headed down to Texas in early October to start training for my new job, working in a cattle reproductive technology lab. Their main headquarters and lab are down there, and since where I'll be working is a new facility and there's no one here to train yet, a bunch of us from around Calgary went to College Station to learn everything.
  They had us working pretty hard, but managed to fit in a few days and nights of frivolity. College Station is where Texas A&M Uni is, so we went to one of their football games - was a completely crazy atmosphere, there were 85,000 people there! We were "seated" with the students, though we didn't sit the entire game - we were on our feet with them all, trying to join in all the yells and cheers which were constant throughout the game. Before the game we went tailgating, where everyone kinda sets up camp in  the carpark for the afternoon and has a few beers and fires up the barbie - kinda like before a b&s!
  The first weekend I was there the Big State festival was on, it was kinda like the big day out of country music - saw Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley and many others. Was an awesome weekend.
  Went to Houston for a day, went to NASA which was very cool. They do a tour around, got to see mission control and some of the old rockets. We then went shopping and went out for dinner at a Colombian restaurant which was really good.
  Also went to Austin for a day, saw the State Capitol which is a pretty spectacular building, and then headed just south of Austin to a massive outlet mall.
  We also managed a few nights out on the town, mostly to the strip of bars known opposite the uni known as Northgate. We were usually out with some of the locals who worked at the lab, which always made it more fun.

Big State
Big State FestivalDierks Bentley
Made some local
Miranda LambertMade some local mates
Big State was at the Speedway, so was interspersed with car
Big State was at the Speedway, so was interspersed with car racingTim McGraw
Before A&M
The band march thru
Before A&M gameThe band march thru campus
Tailgating - we crashed a friend-of-a-friends
Tailgating - we crashed a friend-of-a-friends party
Kevin, Jenny &
Kevin, Jenny & Juan
Band marching at half time - their sequences were
Band marching at half time - their sequences were awesomeNASA

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