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Mar 19, 2006

Pachamama Bus Tour (South Chile)

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Hey Guys,

The adventure started in Santiago, when we decided to join up with the Pachamama bus tour down the South of Chile.

We knew it was going to be good fun when we met our travelling buddies Chris and James from the UK, in a pub the night before we left.

As you can see from the photos the rest of the group are as fun as a gang of nuns on tour!

First stop was to the amazing and beautiful DAM, yes a DAM! Not quite Iguazu Falls!

Second stop was Pitcha-lemu ´sufing duding paradise´where we rode wild horses on the beach and lost Chris to the ocean. Big Bbq that night where all the locals joined us. Needless to say a bottle of vodka was consumed quite easily! And hugely regretted the next morning.

Sporting a major hangover we dragged ourselves on to the bus at 07.00 and we like angry bears took to the road for 12 hours where we stop at numerous petrol stations. Each as impressive as the next. Finally arriving in Pucon.

Next morning (late again) we ran to the sport shop to collect our gear and literally march to the top of a smouldering volcano mouth. The top was impressive after our long hike & a half up a snowy mountain. It was our Everest! If going up wasn´t fun sliding down on our butts certainly was. Even if we almost killed ourselves and half of the group in the process. The night was spent in natural hot springs nursing the wounds of the day just passed and sipping on a bottle of Pisco Sour.

Once again an early start, destination Valdivia. Not quite the Pearl of the Pacific but the home of the fatest Seals the world has ever seen. As a game of ring of fire took place and a box of goon (5 litres of wine) the lads pulled the short straw and had to perform a striptease! Kept all the girls entertained.

Finally arriving in Puerto Monte we left the group to continue on our travells down South. Next stop El Calafate.

The Dam truely
It was tame at the
Nice and
The Dam truely thrilling!It was tame at the start.Nice and easy.
Here we
Yee Haa!Here we go!
Notice Chris has no
SunsetNotice Chris has no horse!Sunset
The gals!Big smiles!Loner!
Loner found
Look at the
Loner found friends!JamesLook at the concentration!
A bottle of vodka
Chiles answer to Chris
Back of the
A bottle of vodka later!Chiles answer to Chris Hough!Back of the bus.
James and the Giant
Bottom of Valarica
Lunch time (Seamus and
James and the Giant bed!Bottom of Valarica volcano.Lunch time (Seamus and Chris)

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