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Jun 30, 2010

The Blog That Never Got Posted - June

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Seventh month of the year ..... where has  it gone??

I am sitting in the Greek islands amazed atthe surroundings and amazing beauty it has. From my last blog I have done 4main things (the part of the trip traveled by myself).

England for some catch up time with friendsand myself, then off to

Belgium where I stayed with the Missionary Burtonfamily. Some of this time was spent seeing Gent, experiencing the deliciousBelgium waffles Yummy!! Plane watching as they came into landing we stood about 20 meters underneath them - pretty cool!! Enjoying the adventurous day with Karen's parents who were over from NZ. Brussels site seeing and the enjoymentof helping the Burtons where needed.

Amsterdam to stay with Nick andKaren for 10 days allot of laughter spent on one bike... both Nick and Iattempted getting the groceries and Nick trying to peddle up hill with a flattire (I couldn't do anything to help sitting on the bike carrier - just laugh!!) It was awesome to be with these amazing people and I enjoyed helping with thegetting started and finding new things for their little house.

Then off to Egypt to the hot, dusty,busy-ness of Cairo where I started my 9 day topdeck tour. Here we went to oneof the 7 wonders of the world- the Giza Pyramids. I was blown away by these 3 different sized pyramids. I got to go right into the centre of one of them. Here we also saw the huge, famous Sphinx; the statue of a lions body and humanface. Also the well-known Cairo Egyptian museum. We then headed down south onan overnight train... hmmmm. How to describe this trip is difficult. Let's put it this way: the bunny hopping along with each stop and start throughout thenight and the air-con no longer working by morning; it was a ratherinteresting, sleepless night. But hey, you've got to experience the real deal.

Each hotel had its interesting ways ofdoing things, I was very pleased to have aircon in all the different places as the temperature got up to 50 degrees. If you got a shower which head was attached to the wall it was a luxury.

The 2:30am wake up call in Aswan and the 20 buses in convoyed escorted by the police for 3 hours down to Abu Simbel was worth it. One of the biggest lakes in the world and the humorous statutes whichthey moved to where they are now wow incrediable - how they did this years ago and keep everything looking so amazing is beyond me.

At each place that we visited we had alocal tour guide passionately tell us everything. (everything being way to muchinfo and brain overload).

Luxor temples and the Valley of the Kingsare more mind blowing things that I saw. We were shown around 3 completelydifferent tombs. All the tombs are hidden the mountains with mostly a tunnelthrough to where the body would of been. They are still finding tombs the lastone was found in 1995. The tombs have so much detail, colour and patterns onall the entrances, walls and ceilings.

We then spent 2 days on the Nile river on aFlucca boat (traditnal sailing boat). The boat has a huge sail and mattresseswhich cover a large area of the boat and where we slept for 2 nights along witha shade cloth that was just above head height when sitting up. The crew cookedthe meals on the flucca and we kept the drinks cool by a chilly bin withmassive chunks of ice. It was very relaxing and I had to laugh when waking inthe morning to everyone with their sheet over them in a cocun shape affording getting attacked by the mosquito's.

We heading back to Cairo on one of thoseimpossible to sleep trains - so I got to appreciated and enjoyed the beautifulsunrise from the train window. In Cairo a group of us went and explored the old Cairo and found ourself totally what felt like a maze of market streetsand living areas, it was fascination people wanting you to buy things leftright and centre while we tried finding our way out of these little streets. I think getting lost while travelling is half the experience you get to see "the real deal".

And then before I knew it 40 days was upand I was on my way to met up with Marisa and her mum in the Greece Islands. A holiday on the island of Santorini (Greek Islands).

...... to be continued cause I am posting this in London (not the Greece islands, wrote it there tho didn't manage to put it on my blog sorry) and I have another 8 or so weeks to write. Oh gosh... enjoy!!

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