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Life back in AucklandMar 14, 2009
After the trip on Shenandoah I was really looking forward to spending some time on dry land. Shenandoah was to be in Auckland for six weeks doing a refit, so they asked me to stay on and day work. Most of the work was sanding and varnishing, which at times was tedious but I really enjoyed the transformation of these battered blocks to beautiful pieces of wood!! The agent who had hooked me up the...
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Destinations visited: Auckland, Sydney
Mum and Dad come out to playMar 14, 2009
At the end of January I had Mum and Dad come out to visit. The plan was for them to spend a few days with me in Auckland before heading down to the South Island to tiki tour around for 3 weeks. We had a great few days in Auckland, going out to Piha Beach (where they filmed The Piano) and eating at some amazing restaurants. Then mum and dad flew down south and were blown away by the stunning scener...
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Destinations visited: Auckland
ShenandoahAug 28, 2008
So when I got the phone call asking me if I fancied going away the next day on Shenandoah for a two week trial it threw me into a bit of a spin. “Can I think about it” I asked. “You've got thirty minutes” was the response. But really what was to think about? Shendandoah is a 54m three masted schooner built in 1902. She is the original superyacht and until 10 years or so ago was one of the biggest ...
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Destinations visited: Papeete, Nukualofa
70s bashAug 09, 2008
Party for wiigy and claus .... yet another crazy karima...
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Destinations visited: Auckland
Skiing in QueenieJul 08, 2008
Catherine, Denise and I, firm friends from the South Island Stray tour in January, decided to meet up in the south island for a skiing trip. None of us had every skied before. I must confess I was slightly nervous and had visions of being airlifted off the mountain. But Catherine was a picture of confidence .... "how hard can it be, surely its just gravity?" Denise was arriving from Aussie and C...
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Destinations visited: Queenstown, Christchurch
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