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If you are looking for a nice quite getaway on a remote tropical beach in El Salvador then I suggest you stay at Mizata Surf Lodge. It is a modern bed and breakfast situated 100 yards from the ocean in what is considered one of El Salvador's best surfing beaches. Although this is a surfer's paradise because of it's uncrowded beach, it is also a great spot for anyone to admire the tropical fuana of El Salvador. The room rates range from $25 - $100 per night depending on the room and number of guests in your group. You can catch a taxi from the airport for around $60. It is a 2 hour drive up a scenic coast line passing 5 tunnels. The food is delicious and inexpensive.
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Review by: rasrivas
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Written: Sep 21, 2008
Approx travel date: Feb 29, 2008
Destination: Playa Mizata
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