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I did a day trip from London to Cambridge. I took the National Express bus which took 2hrs each way. The journey through central London to get out of London was very pretty. National Express buses are cheap, especially when you buy your tickets online. The bus stop is 5-10mins walk from central Cambridge.

I visited Trinity College, Kings College and St Johns College. Some of the colleges charge visitors fees to enter their premises. However if you hide the camera when you walk in and maybe carry a book (if you really really want to look the part of a student) you should be fine to wander straight through. They tend to have gates at the front, which may or not be open (but they'll open if you push them) and porters hanging around (older men who do all the daily stuff at the colleges - delivering mail, keeping in eye on tourists, answering stupid questions, etc). But, as you are young, as long as you keep your camera in your bag and just stroll through the gates, people will almost certainly think you're a student, and if the porters ask you, just say you're visiting someone or you have a supervision (like a tutorial) and you're unlikely to have a problem. Then you can just get your camera out once you're in the college.

Trinity and/or St Johns are good examples of big old colleges, there's loads of courtyards etc and they back onto the river which is nice.

Kings College Chapel is a must see when visiting Cambridge. to avoid paying the entrance fee you can attend the free Evensong which is held most days/evenings. Unfortunately I decided to go to the Evensong instead of going there during the day and paying - there was a powercut which meant that the Evensong was unable to take place.

The famous Wren Library is located at Trinity College. Unfortunately when I went it was closed as the building was being renovated. The Library has A.A.Milne's original manuscript for Winnie the Pooh (he went to Trinity, as did Christopher Robin). Apparently the library itself is very old and cool. There are tables along the central aisle covered in cloths and you have to lift these off to see all the old stuff they've got there.

There is a shopping area in central Cambridge but mostly just chain stores aimed at tourists.

If you are in need of a hot chocolate check out Savino's by the bus station for proper Italian coffee, incredibly thick hot chocolate, fresh pastries, and in the weekend, homemade cakes!

Cambridge is very cute and I imagine is bustling with energy during the warmer Summer months. Definitely a good day trip from London. The architechture is amazing!
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Written: Dec 09, 2007
Approx travel date: Nov 22, 2007
Destination: Cambridge
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