Grenada travel recommendations and reviews - Read the latest Grenada travel recommendations and reviews by independent bugbitten travellers en-us Grenville recommendation by Angie, what can I say, I've been in the Caribbean for the last 3 months and for a Kiwi/Aussie thats a pretty cool place to be!&nbsp;&nbsp;My boyfriend, Ben and I have been living and working on Camille, a 51ft catamaran in the Grenedines, one of the most amazing areas of the Caribbean. We have learnt so much and enjoyed the company of up to 8 guests at a time.&nbsp;&nbsp;Swimming with the turtles, learning the different tropical fish and birds + sailing the gorgeous seas and seeing different bays and sunsets every day is just amazing.&nbsp;&nbsp;Just love the Chef side of things as well, beautiful fresh fruit... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>Angie2007-05-04