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Nacala is a city (for mozambique standards, big city) in the northern part of Mozambique. Nacala is in between Ilha de Mocambique and Pemba and offers a good stop. We stayed in the hostel Bay Divers ( and really enjoyed their hospitality and the beautifull surounding. They offer dive and snorkel trips as well. The owners are really nice and their kitchen in excellent. They have bungalows and a dorm which all look good. Didn't see much of the city, but heard that there are internet and partyfacilities. Occasionally you can see whalesharks in the bay of Nacala. Nacala has a huge natural port that is why it has a lot of big boats coming in and a growing economy.
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Review by: Marieke
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Written: Oct 28, 2007
Approx travel date: Oct 02, 2007
Destination: Nacala
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