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Stockholm in March was a winter wonderland. Made up of 14 islands... there is water, ice, snow, bridges everywhere and it's absolutely beautiful! City Backpackers is a great hostel, with a homely atmosphere - FREE pasta, and they offer a viking sauna experience. If you ever have the opportunity to do this sauna trip with the City Backpackers group (the only backckers offering this!) - you should do it! It includes a trek through the snow, arriving at a hut next to a frozen over lake. From the 90 degrees in the sauna, you hop into the 2 degree hole cut through the ice in the lake! AMAZING to experience, and to then sit and soak up the views!

My favourite area of Stockholm was Gamla Stan - the old town... with cobbled streets, unique little shops, alley ways, and a fabulous jazz bar! People are very friendly and helpful... and all very good at, and willing to, speak English!
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I stayed at: City Backpackers Hostel

Written: Apr 03, 2010
Approx travel date: Mar 20, 2010
Destination: Stockholm
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