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We stayed at the Grand President Hotel in Bangkok which was located near the Nana MRT station. It was VERY nice, and the only reason we could afford it is because we booked it on which slashes the prices of random rooms in good hotels for varying reasons. Not sure what this reason was, but it was brilliant!

The highlight of our time in Bangkok was a private cooking class we took (at the last minute) with a lovely lady named Angsana Anderson (she is Thai, but she married a Swede). You go to her house and she has a big (traditional home) kitchen with enough room for small groups.

The classes cost 2000 Baht each (for groups of 2 or more - or 2500 for an individual) which is a little more expensive than some others, but the others have more than 20ppl in each class and you watch the person making it then copy, this way it's more personal and she is a natural teacher who is very patient with beginners.

At the time you call for your appointment, she asks you which dishes you'd like to make - she makes suggestions if you are stumped - and her cashew nut chicken is to DIE FOR! She  does all the shopping for you before you arrive and you sit down at the end to the lunch you have just prepared - so rewarding!

You can find her contact details on her website - she says it's in dire need of updating, but it should get you through to her all the same.

PS: Khoa San rd is also a must with good bargaining to be had & buckets of alcohol at rock bottom prices.
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Review by: phoebekiddle
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Written: Aug 15, 2008
Approx travel date: Aug 03, 2008
Destination: Bangkok
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