travel recommendations and reviews - Read the latest travel recommendations and reviews by independent bugbitten travellers en-us Fraser Island recommendation by Andrea81 Island/3876.htmlI did a 3 day tag along tour on Fraser Island with Palace Backpackers. I came across the tour when I stayed at the Palace Backapckers in Hervey Bay. The Hostel was a nice place, appartement style dorms with their own kitchen. The evening before we got split into groups and wandered off to the supermarkets to supply us with food and beverages. The next day we took off with 3 4WD's, 1 guide car and 2 tag along cars. Everyone who was in possession of a valid drivers license could drive if they wanted to. First we took the ferry over to the island, and that ride was beautiful already. On the island we drove on the... <a href=" Island/3876.html">read the full recommendation</a>Andrea812106-02-07 Island/3876.htmlNew York recommendation by EricaKing States of America/New York/2775.htmlNew York is an amazing place to visit. There are so many things to do there, I travelled there with my two friends and we crammed everything in. The destinations visited were Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the MET, Central Park, the UN (to which we did a tour). We of course saw a broadway show, called Chicago which I'm sure many people have heard of! The atmosphere was electric and to walk out into 42nd street afterwards was the highlight. I found New York very friendly and very easy to get around. We also visited the Ground Zero site, Wall Street, and watched a baseball game at... <a href=" States of America/New York/2775.html">read the full recommendation</a>EricaKing2030-10-28 States of America/New York/2775.htmlDaytona recommendation by Leonardcp States of America/Daytona/3923.htmlDaytona, Florida, USA is a good destination to visit during the summer months and thereafter the months of September through to November. The weather is very hot during summer which ends at the end of August. Thereafter it is autumn and the weather is still good. Daytona is world wide known for is Speedway Race Track. The Speedway Race Track is a must to visit and experience and also its Gift Shop. Just being there, gives a person a good feeling of accomplishment. Then there is the beach front and restaurants. Absolutely beautiful. Good food and lots of seafood's at an amazingly low... <a href=" States of America/Daytona/3923.html">read the full recommendation</a>Leonardcp2014-09-08 States of America/Daytona/3923.htmlPrague recommendation by Father_Son_Cycle Republic/Prague/3921.htmlElbe Cycle Path from Dessau to Prague (self directed tour) The Elbe Cycle Path is, like all cycle paths in Germany, very efficient and well maintained. Signposting is excellent and we found plenty of good facilities along the way. Preparing for the trip, I decided to take a tent and sleeping bags just in case we found ourselves somewhere with no accommodation. However, there were so many good and affordable pensions along the route that this was never necessary. For us, the highlights of the route began with The Bauhaus buildings / design school in Dessau. As someone who... <a href=" Republic/Prague/3921.html">read the full recommendation</a>Father_Son_Cycle2014-07-14 Republic/Prague/3921.htmlLas Vegas recommendation by richandmerridith States of America/Las Vegas/3919.htmlSundance Heli Tours, Las Vegas (USA) We booked a Grand Canyon Heli Tour through the Viator website which uses Sundance Helicopters, as they appeared to have the best reviews with regards to reliability. It was a little pricey at around US$450 per person all up, but well worth it if you are on a tight time frame. The tour is a classy operation with stretch limo pick up and drop off to the airport from most Las Vegas hotels and the Helicopter flight over the Hoover Dam and Desert landing inside the canyon for a Champagne Breakfast was fantastic! Our Pilot was also great... <a href=" States of America/Las Vegas/3919.html">read the full recommendation</a>richandmerridith2014-07-04 States of America/Las Vegas/3919.htmlSan Francisco recommendation by richandmerridith States of America/San Francisco/3920.htmlAlcatraz Cruises - San Francisco We decided to do the iconic Alcatraz Island with AlcatrazCruises Tours. This was a fantastic tour! San Fransisco is a beautiful city and this tour just added to the experience with an amazing history of the bay. We booked this tour online from NZ and the staff were very helpful in making this happen. Even calling us in NZ to make the reservation. We purchased the City Pass to see the city US$86. Essentially it gives you all access transport on all bus lines, trams, cable cars within the city (Excluding the BART/subway)&nbsp;&nbsp;for 7 days and... <a href=" States of America/San Francisco/3920.html">read the full recommendation</a>richandmerridith2014-06-09 States of America/San Francisco/3920.htmlWarsaw recommendation by ralphjan great place to go in Warsaw is Royal Lazienki Park and listen to the&nbsp;&nbsp;free Chopin concert which is on every Sunday. The Pianist is under cover just to the right of the Statue near the fountain and it is just great to picnic and lay back on the grass on a fine day and let the music roll over you. Afterwards a stroll through the park is a must where there are museums to see, restaurants to eat at boats to float down the lake on and abundant peacocks to feed. Truly... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>ralphjan2014-06-06 Baikal recommendation by ralphjan Baikal/3925.htmlWe strongly recommend if you are in Irkutsk Russia that you spend a day going to Lake Baikal which is 300 km long and 1700 metres deep and the largest fresh water lake in the world. Our Hotel quoted $320 to provide a car and driver for a 6 hour trip to the lake at Listvyanka but we asked the locals and they said just catch a public bus for in Ul Gorkogo Street 20 metres from the station which we did. Cost $7. The lake is picture post card perfect at every turn. It has a very local, tourist and family friendly beach 4 km long with vendors selling smoked Omul which is a fish delicacy caught in the lake and cooked... <a href=" Baikal/3925.html">read the full recommendation</a>ralphjan2014-05-25 Baikal/3925.htmlIrkutsk recommendation by ralphjan visiting Irkutsk Russia there are many travel agents offering guided walking tours but we found that following the Green Line City Walking Route as marked on a free city tourist map available at our accommodation, the Victory Hotel was much easier and no cost. Irkutsk has a beautiful historical city centre which is perfect to explore on foot with many historical sites. Just follow the green line on the pavement and you arrive at over 20 major sites with numbered placards giving information in English about each site. We took all day and the locals were friendly and helpful. As well as historical sites... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>ralphjan2014-05-24 recommendation by ralphjan are doing a train Trip from Australia to Great Britain and the Zaya Guest House is by far the best value for money of our entire trip. It was super comfortable, best toilet showers , great breakfast area and the whole lot super clean. The staff spoke english and were super friendly and helpful. One lady had broke her phone and they were able to take her to a repair shop that fixed it for 3dollars. At AUD40 per night per double room I could have stayed longer. They had a private driver who picked you up from the station or dropped you anywhere in town for Aud4 per trip.Strong... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>ralphjan2014-05-21