travel recommendations and reviews - Read the latest travel recommendations and reviews by independent bugbitten travellers en-us Fraser Island recommendation by Andrea81 Island/3876.htmlI did a 3 day tag along tour on Fraser Island with Palace Backpackers. I came across the tour when I stayed at the Palace Backapckers in Hervey Bay. The Hostel was a nice place, appartement style dorms with their own kitchen. The evening before we got split into groups and wandered off to the supermarkets to supply us with food and beverages. The next day we took off with 3 4WD's, 1 guide car and 2 tag along cars. Everyone who was in possession of a valid drivers license could drive if they wanted to. First we took the ferry over to the island, and that ride was beautiful already. On the island we drove on the... <a href=" Island/3876.html">read the full recommendation</a>Andrea812106-02-07 Island/3876.htmlNew York recommendation by EricaKing States of America/New York/2775.htmlNew York is an amazing place to visit. There are so many things to do there, I travelled there with my two friends and we crammed everything in. The destinations visited were Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the MET, Central Park, the UN (to which we did a tour). We of course saw a broadway show, called Chicago which I'm sure many people have heard of! The atmosphere was electric and to walk out into 42nd street afterwards was the highlight. I found New York very friendly and very easy to get around. We also visited the Ground Zero site, Wall Street, and watched a baseball game at... <a href=" States of America/New York/2775.html">read the full recommendation</a>EricaKing2030-10-28 States of America/New York/2775.htmlRainbow Beach recommendation by Adam_Joe_Lawton Beach/3947.htmlAfter a weekend on the piss in Mooloolaba with an old Royal Navy shipmate, we headed up to Tewantin and the 5 minute ferry to Cooloola. There's a few miles / klics of sealed road driving before you hit the beach. don't forget to deflate your tyres to about 50% of the road psi. If you don't, you will - with 100% certainty, get bogged. As you approach the beach, there's only one surefire way of getting through thiick, deep, soft sand and that is "drive it like you stole it!" After roaring 80 klics up Cooloola beach we made it to Rainbow and called it a day / night there. The sand blow is an... <a href=" Beach/3947.html">read the full recommendation</a>Adam_Joe_Lawton2015-08-31 Beach/3947.htmlSan Antonio recommendation by ianandrewshfc States of America/San Antonio/3948.htmlI would highly recommend a visit to San Antonio, Texas if you have never been, The city is thriving with positive people and things to do and places to go. One of my very first places I visited in San Antonio was the Riverwalk, however, I was there during the day instead of during the night when the lights illuminate the river, bringing it to life. While wandering along the river, I stopped at a place called The Rainforest Cafe. You can tell they have put so much time, energy and money into making that restaurant look and feel like a real rainforest. Everything from robotic animals, sound effect and... <a href=" States of America/San Antonio/3948.html">read the full recommendation</a>ianandrewshfc2015-07-16 States of America/San Antonio/3948.htmlKotor recommendation by JPoole Drusko was awesome. In the center of the old city. Milos was the most gracious and informative host one could hope for. Go to Kotor now. Before not becomes... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>JPoole2015-04-28 recommendation by dr_nobby intervention.At least that's what i'd say if i were religiousThey we were washed up in a bus shelter at the end of a long hard days walking. It was pouring with rain and we couldn't find our nights accommodation in Dorchester. Across the road from us sat the Bull Inn.We hobbled in and asked for some directions, which we were given, and also free access to use their telephone if we wanted, for any calls we wanted to make. While we were recovering we decided to have a pint of their gorgeous real ale. Then we spotted a menu on the table which had rump steak on it. Being tired, cold, wet and starving we... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>dr_nobby2015-04-28 recommendation by dr_nobby Astor. Ave California.&nbsp;&nbsp;Brilliant hotel. can't fault it and only 39 euros a night Cafe soca in the old town is the place to go for a cheap snack. Huge great portion for only 2 euros Then spend the day on the fantastic... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>dr_nobby2015-04-08 recommendation by kavinmikeít let the name of the park fool you into thinking that youíll only see death in the area. Donít be like the clueless people even the locals thinking that the park is simply barren or lifeless. If you love science and geology, chances are that you want to see the remnants of the past earth. The Death Valley is a gigantic museum preserving mother natureís fingerprints; empty landscapes you say, perhaps in many years the whole planet will be like the Death Valley if we donít do anything about climate change. Although the park can be thoroughly explored by hopping on one of the 4WD trucks, you can also hike... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>kavinmike2015-03-05 National Park recommendation by richandmerridith Zealand/Tongariro National Park/3951.htmlKuratau is only 45 minutes North of Tongariro National Park and one of the many places to base yourself for this journey. So early next morning we set out with day packs and it was off to Ketetahi Car Park on the Northern Side of the Tongariro Crossing. We book a shuttle via Moutain Shuttle ($30pp) and catch a ride over to the start of the Tongariro Crossing on the Mangetepopo Track. This is the best way to do the Crossing as you are not rushed into getting to the final destination with our car already waiting for us at the destination car park. The guides in the Mountain Shuttle Bus are super helpful and give... <a href=" Zealand/Tongariro National Park/3951.html">read the full recommendation</a>richandmerridith2015-02-19 Zealand/Tongariro National Park/3951.htmlReykjavik recommendation by Father_Son_Cycle I had long wanted to visit Iceland. Finally it was my wife who brought it about. Wife: "Flights to Iceland are quite cheap after Christmas and there's an inexpensive B&amp;B here on-line... if we were to book it quickly..." Me: "Hmm." Continues reading the day's... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>Father_Son_Cycle2014-12-31