travel recommendations and reviews - Read the latest travel recommendations and reviews by independent bugbitten travellers en-us Fraser Island recommendation by Andrea81 Island/3876.htmlI did a 3 day tag along tour on Fraser Island with Palace Backpackers. I came across the tour when I stayed at the Palace Backapckers in Hervey Bay. The Hostel was a nice place, appartement style dorms with their own kitchen. The evening before we got split into groups and wandered off to the supermarkets to supply us with food and beverages. The next day we took off with 3 4WD's, 1 guide car and 2 tag along cars. Everyone who was in possession of a valid drivers license could drive if they wanted to. First we took the ferry over to the island, and that ride was beautiful already. On the island we drove on the... <a href=" Island/3876.html">read the full recommendation</a>Andrea812106-02-07 Island/3876.htmlNew York recommendation by EricaKing States of America/New York/2775.htmlNew York is an amazing place to visit. There are so many things to do there, I travelled there with my two friends and we crammed everything in. The destinations visited were Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the MET, Central Park, the UN (to which we did a tour). We of course saw a broadway show, called Chicago which I'm sure many people have heard of! The atmosphere was electric and to walk out into 42nd street afterwards was the highlight. I found New York very friendly and very easy to get around. We also visited the Ground Zero site, Wall Street, and watched a baseball game at... <a href=" States of America/New York/2775.html">read the full recommendation</a>EricaKing2030-10-28 States of America/New York/2775.htmlCusco recommendation by jputney bus ride from Puno was pretty good.&nbsp;&nbsp;We got the direct bus from Tour Peru and upgraded our seats to VIP.&nbsp;&nbsp;So worth it.&nbsp;&nbsp; For 50 sol we had extra wide seats that reclined to almost the point of lying down.&nbsp;&nbsp;There was only one quick stop for the bano and agua and then on to Cusco.&nbsp;&nbsp;The ride was about 7 hours and actually went by quite quickly.&nbsp;&nbsp;No complaints about the service.&nbsp;&nbsp;The bus left on time and no problems along the way.&nbsp;&nbsp;The washroom was a typical bus one, dirty, stinky and really hard to pee in.&nbsp;&nbsp; We... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>jputney2013-09-20 recommendation by skipnz States of America/Seattle/3908.htmlDay time. Cruise around Pike Market, Grab a coffee from the first ever Starbucks. Shopping go to Nordstrom... <a href=" States of America/Seattle/3908.html">read the full recommendation</a>skipnz2013-09-14 States of America/Seattle/3908.htmlGold Coast recommendation by Bundalls Coast/3900.htmlHot-air balloon tour - Gold Coast, Australia We did our Hot-air balloon tour with 'Balloon Aloft' - Ph. (07) 5578 2244. The pilot had almost 20 years experience and the whole operation was smoothly run, lot's of fun (despite that start time), and a spectacular experience. We met our pilot at the Mercure Resort Hotel at 5am, so it is an early start. From there, you are driven to the launch site which can be any... <a href=" Coast/3900.html">read the full recommendation</a>Bundalls2013-09-08 Coast/3900.htmlCebu City recommendation by n_allan2005 City/3895.htmlBadian Island is located at the south-western tip of Cebu mainland, slightly south of Moalboal. Home to some 35,000 residents and has 29 Barangays (town or districts). It boasts breathtaking white sandy beaches. Beside the fantastic Kawasan Falls in Matutinao area, the island is also home to excellent diving and snorkeling areas that are famous in Cebu, Philippines. It is frequented by many locals and international visitors alike. Badian Island has a luxury hotel in the area and available to provide Scuba lessons with certified PADI instructors for interested guests. They have first class dive... <a href=" City/3895.html">read the full recommendation</a>n_allan20052013-08-20 City/3895.htmlCape Town recommendation by KarinLindstrom19 Africa/Cape Town/3882.htmlAfter 15 months of all work and no travel, my husband and I jumped on a quick flight from San Francisco and 30 hours later we ended up in Cape Town! We spent the first week with my sister and her South African partner and the second week we spent exploring the Garden Route, Jeffrey's Bay, and Krugar National Park. Cape Town was definitely an awesome place to spend a week. We actually used to rent someones apartment for the week and divided by four it was a great price - cheaper than a hostel! The rental was close to all of the highlights and had an amazing view of Table Mountain from the back patio.... <a href=" Africa/Cape Town/3882.html">read the full recommendation</a>KarinLindstrom192013-07-08 Africa/Cape Town/3882.htmlOcean City recommendation by richandmerridith States of America/Ocean City/3892.htmlBecause I'm not from America I wanted an authentic American experience and Ocean City is just the place to find it. Your classic Beach with boardwalk where the musclebound bodybuilder, redneck mullet bearing confederate singlet and&nbsp;&nbsp;standard fat American walk side by side. Brightly lit stores selling tacky T-shirts, greasy food and candy outlets galore and of course an amusement park. It's just as you would picture it in the movies. Golden sand beach and the perfect place to people watch the best America has to offer. The best food to get is an oversized bucket of french fries from Thrashers, but... <a href=" States of America/Ocean City/3892.html">read the full recommendation</a>richandmerridith2013-06-27 States of America/Ocean City/3892.htmlWellington recommendation by richandmerridith Zealand/Wellington/3896.htmlTravel is awesome and when you go from one side of the earth (New Zealand) to the other (USA), part of the fun is getting there. From our hometown in Wellington (NZ) to Maryland (USA), it took us 3 flights and 24 hours of travel to reach our destination and for our very first time, traveling with a 9month old baby. Traveling with a baby makes it all the more difficult, buying a bassinet seat, being respectful of those who may be disturbed by your baby, eating, sleeping, changing the baby, it all gets a little harder. This makes the mode of transport all the more important so flying with a good airline... <a href=" Zealand/Wellington/3896.html">read the full recommendation</a>richandmerridith2013-06-18 Zealand/Wellington/3896.htmlTaormina recommendation by jordanshark travelled to Taormina in Sicily and stayed at Hotel Villa Angela for 5 days, and it was a fantastic place to stay. staff very friendly and very helpful with any requests guests have. the hotel is situated in the hills overlooking the ionian sea and of course overlooks Mount Etna as does most places in this region. the hotel does offer a shuttle service to and from the town of Taormina (for a small fee) and if you feel like a walk down the hillside to the town then it is a must even if you only do it once just to admire the fantastic views you get. hotel offers bed and breakfast , also you can... <a href="">read the full recommendation</a>jordanshark2013-06-10