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The land of the Long white cloudJan 19, 2007
no photo blog
So was minding my business and teaching and having a feb time in london when I was rung up by the Home Office and told that my visa expired and I was asked nicely to leave the country on no uncertain terms!!!!! Oh well a nice three weeks in the sun catching up with Mum and all the Hawkes Bay girls..... loving it have a look at the...
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Destinations visited: New Zealand
THe castl;e of Hard leaves Foggy London TownJan 13, 2007
no photo blog
So The time had finally coem to say farwell to our very own Pretty Woman.... yes that's right.... the one and only Hayley Hardcastle..... we were stuck for ideas of what to do and the Reddy was having a 14th Birthday Bash.... now knowing how much the mansionites love the reddy we thought it would be very fitting to send Hails off in the only manor we know of.... getting smashed at the Reddy!!!!!!!...
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Destinations visited: London
Hayley and Joe's night at the Milbury... woohooNov 11, 2006
Well the terrible twosome finally hit the birthday mark for the year.... Joe the big 25 (welcome tothe club) and Hayley a much more reasonable age of 23!!! We hit the town the only way we knew how.... funky 90's atthe Mill Hill... oh behave!!!! We drank ourway tothe reddy and had a fab time dancing tillwe dropped on the reddy dance floor!!!!! Take a look ...
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Destinations visited: London
Halloween Honey.... Owwwwww!!!!Oct 28, 2006
so we all got dressed up really scary... well some more than others..... we danced all night, drank many many beers and kept it real!!!!!! Funny funny night. have a look stay classy...
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Destinations visited: England
My Highland Adventure: ScotlandOct 21, 2006
So finally I made my way up to Scotland and explored all the amazing countryside and stayed in pretty little villages and haunted castles.... dressed up in kilts and ate Haggis.... mmmmm..... meet some amazing people and say some sexy scenery.... very very sexy...
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Destinations visited: Scotland
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