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Rocking out at Rock WerchterJun 28, 2007
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Afer missing out on tickets to Glastonbury (which was a wash out anyway!), my friends and I thought all hope was lost in seeing our favourite artists and bands perform live in 2007. Then, to our rescue came Rock Werchter! Four days in brilliant camping grounds, outside of Brussels, saw some of the UK, Europe and US's biggest rock, folk, alternative and indie acts including (but not only- and I w...
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Destinations visited: Brussels
It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Superhero Cocktail Party!Jun 09, 2007
Another weekend, another Mansions drinking event, except this time the crew went to a LOT of effort (some a little too much...) to become their favourite superhero. Some absolute classics were Porno (not his real name), transforming himself in to Optimus Prime; Mitch as The Hulk (even though he looked a little more like The Grinch); Beau as Spiderman; Sarah went as BP Girl (she loves that petrol ...
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Destinations visited: London
Roll With It (It Being Cheese)May 28, 2007
Every year, there are many ununsual festivals throughout Europe, but one of the most bizarre (and dangerous) would have to be the Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire, England. In basic terms- big hill, big cheese roll and big crazy antipodeans hurling themselves towards both cheese and broken bones. Myself, Heath, Ed, Blair, Cath, Kel and Penelope road tripped ourselves through the beauti...
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Destinations visited: England
Last Prayers with Mac & GangMay 27, 2007
Ok, so I have been to the Church 3 times before, and to be honest, it's pretty much the same EVERY time. There's no class involved whatsoever, in fact it represents everything that is wrong with the Aussie/Kiwi/Saffa experience of London... BUT, with Heath in town (and the weather as bad as could possibly be in London), where better to spend a rainy Sunday!? Plus, Ed, Blair, Reg, Hayles, Brem and...
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Destinations visited: Camden Town
Kel Sees Red (and 24)May 26, 2007
Everyone's favourite little redhead hit 24 years of age and celebrated it with a weekend long of festivities. Starting with a Mansions based 'Mad Hatter Party', we had party games (design your own Ginger-Kel, chocolate game, pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel- very mature eh?) and showered the birthday girl with classy presents. Then it was on to a classy dinner... in Acton. (Thai ...
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Destinations visited: London
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