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If you enjoy using bugbitten's travel tools - please add your testimonial.
This is a great place to share ideas with fellow 'bugbitten' travellers! The interactive maps and recommendation features are definitely highlights.
bugbitten is a great way to share photos and stories with friends and family! Easy to navigate and upload photos. Support staff are very responsive.
bugbitten is great because it's not just an online photo journal for your own travels, but you can also use it as a research tool to help plan for your next adventure. You can look through other people's photos and read their travel stories and even compare different types of tours on bugbitten. Here you don't have to wait for someone to email you back about where the best place to sleep for cheap on Honolulu Island just type it in and find out for yourself! It's also really nice getting Guest-book comments from people i met overseas and gave my bugbitten travel card to, because half the time when you're traveling, you don't have your mobile phone working and it's not like you're going to carry an address book with you. I get comments now and again from people i forgot i even met, then i can re-establish the friendship and keep up to date with their travels! Another good thing is that the photo upload tool is VERY easy to use... as long as your pics are in the correct format you can upload them in minutes! Oh - if you're a geek like me, you probably have Facebook too... bugbitten has an application that works in conjunction with Facebook for you to brag to your mates about where you've been in the's got a cute little world map on it and shows your different adventures to everyone! It's fun too - there are photo and writing competitions where you can win CASH! I'm proud to be a bugbitten Travel Guru - i just wish i had more time to travel at the moment!! Cheers - Lisa :o)
I'm certainly not a technophobe and pretty happy adapting to most things but the great thing with is its so easy to use. I love the idea of the map and progress has seen assimilation with Facebook as well. I hope to travel to Africa soon and maybe some add some previous travels that I have done as well - the aim - to cover that map with pins in every piece of land - wanna come with?? Have met some great people in my travels and so I just point them to this site to share our experiences. LOL
We first joined the bug about 4 years ago, back then it was just an awesome photo sharing website, pre-dating the Facebook craze, and a really simple way to share our travel photos with those relatives who were still stuck using a backwards dial up connection.(Thanks Telecom - your doing a great job at keeping NZ on the trailing edge!). We've seen some pretty major changes with the bug over the last few years, bringing in travel guides, aligning themselves with tour companies, and those annoying Google ads for the cheapskates who always want something amazing for free. I think its testimonial in itself that after 4 years and such major changes, we are still here, still loyal, still sharing, and still enjoying using the website! Thanks Bug, you rock!
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