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Wild Foods FestivalMar 12, 2011
I was just one of the many Cantabrians who took a breather from the tiring after shakes we%u2019re still experiencing in Christchurch on a daily basis and headed over the Alpine Fault line to the West Coast to join in the stomach-challenging fun at the annual Hokitika Wildfoods Festival! It%u2019s been going for 22 years now - a celebration of little Hokitika and the wild foods...
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Destinations visited: Hokitika
Tekapo TimesMar 05, 2011
I truly had forgotten how beautiful New Zealand really can be. Just stunning! Was nice to escape the constant aftershocks we here in Christchurch are still experiencing on a daily basis and disappear further afield ....albeit for a short time. My boyfriends work is out of action after the February 22 Earthquake so he has gone where the work is - for him down South. My work (10 minutes from the...
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Destinations visited: Lake Tekapo
THE END of a bloody long bike ride!Dec 19, 2010
ANZAC Day 2009 I started. I got on my crappy mountainbike and rode out of London. 3 days short of 20 months I will finish this bloody long bike ride of mine that you have all supported me through and by now, SURELY must be sick of hearing about?! 22 countries (and a few oceans)...yes I am in New Zealand, but now I'm heading on down, South of the Bombays, to the Mainland, Canterbury, Christchurc...
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Destinations visited: Christchurch
Cargo Shipping it HOME!Dec 07, 2010
It's all a bit surreal that I'm here, on a cargo ship, winging my way across the Tasman Sea - across the ditch, that infamous trough of water that separates  Australia from New Zealand. I was beginning to think this day would never come. It's all a bit surreal to realise that the next land I'm going to see, going to be stepping foot on will be 'The Land of the Long White Cloud' New Ze...
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Destinations visited: Tauranga, Napier, Melbourne
The Southern Most Point of Mainland OzDec 04, 2010
When I get an idea in my head, I don't like to fail. I've become a real 'tick the box' person. I like to achieve. Probably because I have been such an underachiever my whole life. I'd looked at my Australian map about a week prior and that's when it dawned on me %uFFFD I'm so close! If I had started this leg of my journey at the Northern most tip of the Australian mainland (Cape York) %uFFFD w...
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Destinations visited: Wilsons Promotory National Park
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